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Helping you live a happier and healthier life

David’s Pharmacy is a locally-owned community pharmacy in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are finally open to serve Charlotte customers and patients in the university area and surrounding areas. We offer less wait times and a wide variety of services such as home delivery, compounding, free blood pressure monitoring, weight measurement, smoking cessation, and weight loss programs, among others. We also offer free consultations, helping our customers have a better life and healthy saving options. Our core values are accuracy and exceptional customer service.

Our Mission

Our top priority is to help our patients live a happier and healthier life through the products and services we provide. We aim to make a difference in the community by advocating for our customers’ health and wellness.

David Korany, the pharmacy manager and owner, decided to open his own retail pharmacy to serve Charlotte customers in 2019. After over 19 years of experience in most big chain pharmacies as a licensed pharmacist, David decided to utilize his vast experience to help his customers and patients live healthier and happier lives. David decided to translate his vision for pharmacy practice in his own business by improving wait times, spending more time with his patients, and consulting with them about ways to improve their life and health. He believes that the pharmacist is an important medical provider in the American Community. Most American citizens rely on their pharmacists when it comes to medications and healthy options. That’s why David decided to open his own community store to service families in Charlotte.

David Korany is certified by the National Association Board of Pharmacy, as well as the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. He is a licensed pharmacist in the state of Texas. He is a certified immunizer since 2011 from the American Pharmacist Association. He is CPR certified by the American Heart Association. He is licensed in other countries as Egypt as well. David worked as a pharmacist for the biggest chain pharmacy in the Nation.

Also, knowing that the medical field is always changing and progressing, David always participates monthly in seminars and continuing education classes to keep up with new drugs, technology, as well as new pharmaceutical products and approaches to improve his customers’ lives.

David has a passion to teach pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, and associates. Wanting to spend less time behind his computer screen and more time with his patients, David’s Pharmacy was born. His priority is to improve his patients and customers’ lives by improving wait times, ensuring prescription accuracy, and giving extra attention to his patients’ needs. He is detail-oriented and takes the extra mile to help his customers live a healthy life. Life is so fast and busy, but David thinks that patients should never be rushed.